Satisfying Your Brain

The human brain could be as simple as it is complex. It is able to comprehend and convey while thinking through complex thoughts, at the same time, being attracted to matters that are seemingly simple. These simple matters that would come as attractive to human brain could vary according to the person at the receiving end of it. In any case, it should be remembered that there are common matters that every human brain would find attractive. A healthy human brain would like to feel sensitive touch, eat delicious food, smell good odours, hear soothing sounds and see visually pleasing sights. Simply put, the human brain would like to receive stimuli for the five senses that a human being would have.

Even if the needs as such of the human brain are simple, it would not always be possible to satisfy it easily. There would be certain preferences that it may have, and it would do well for you to identify them for what they are. When you manage to do so, giving your brain what pleases it would not be a task that would be very hard. As an example, for stimuli on the smell, a good scent of a perfume such as oudh wood would work as a marvel on the receptors of the human brain. It would do well to wear boutique scents, and it would be evident that it would satisfy those who are around you as much as yourself.

Therefore such options should always be kept in mind as the ones that are worth trying.Similarly, one would just have to find one’s own preferences in the five sensors in order to give the brain what it wants to have. The nose would want the smell of pleasant boutique scents. As for the mouth you could always go for your favourite food. Good music could do well for your ears and comfortable furniture and clothes would do well for your feeling factor. Your eyes would be happy to see visually comforting sights of your own preference. By knowing what one wants to have and taking the steps to satisfy it, you would be making yourself comfortable.

Your own comfort would not be the only benefit of providing your brain with stimuli, it would have an impact on those who are around you as well. Anyone would like to be with someone who looks good and smells good, and by giving your brain what is needed, you would be automatically ensuring that you are a pleasant person to others as well.